GREENSBURG — Twilight Players, a community theater arm of the Twilight Theatre in Greensburg, is a step closer to producing quality, live theater productions with a system of wireless body mics.

The Mariah Fund approved a grant in April to reimburse up to 60% of the $3,770 purchase price of the sound technology. The Twilight Theatre donated another 20%, and the players received the remaining portion through USD 422 Kiowa County Schools Booster Club.

“Anyone who has attended a live event and not been able to hear the performer can appreciate the importance of a quality sound system, and that includes wireless mics,” said players president Janet West. “Not only do wireless mics ensure that patrons hear every word, they also allow performers to move freely about the stage. It’s better theater.”

Mics were ordered and received in September. Players will be able to wire up to eight performers with individual body packs and headsets.

West said the mics will allow community theater at the Twilight to grow.

“Thanks to the Mariah Fund, players at the Twilight can offer quality live productions that everyone can enjoy,” said West. “We appreciate Mariah’s generous support.”

The Mariah Fund is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing funding for enhancing tourism in Dodge City and southwest Kansas.