The following persons from central and southwest Kansas have filed bankruptcy petitions with the federal district court. Unless otherwise noted, the filings are Chapter 7.


Dalton w. Heiter, assets: $6,627; liabilities: $65,305.

Dodge City

Rachel Lauren Grudt, aka Rachel Recio, assets: $1,605; liabilities: $65,204. 

Michael Anthony Rangel Jr., assets: $6,924; liabilities: $61,814. 

Garden City

Cuahtemoc Ramos, aka Temo Ramos, and Jennifer Ann Ramos, dba Auntie Jennifer's Daycare, Chapter 13, assets: $231,975; liabilities: $122,583.

Erasmo Galan-Romero, dba EGR Transport, Chapter 13, estimated assets: $0 to $50,000; estimated liabilities: $0 to $50,000.

Alexandria H. Sanchez, assets: $9,920; liabilities: $28,304.

Great Bend

Michele Christine Brohaugh, assets: $2,530; liabilities: $38,970.

Melissa Lee Hensley, assets: $3,463; liabilities: $81,257.


Kayla Dawn Alvis, Chapter 13, assets: $1,305; liabilities: $73,401.

Bruce Howard Blackman Jr. and Sara Kystl Blackman, assets: $17,882; liabilities: $82,276.

Stephen M. Young, dba Regional Plumbing and Mechanical LLC, and Susie Young, assets: $277,885; liabilities: $227,793.


Rachel Ann Harper, Chapter 13, assets: $93,761; liabilities: $170,181.


Osman Hernandez-Gonzalez, Chapter 13, assets: $1,300; liabilities: $33,112.


Roland Anthony Barden, assets: $11,081; liabilities: $46,753.

Heath David Hensley and Kelsey Lynnette Hensley, aka Kelsey Harsh, Kelsey Brown, Chapter 13, assets: $12,500; liabilities: $39,770.

Douglas Donald Kienow and Stacey Lynn Kienow, Chapter 13, assets: $367,541; liabilities: $166,597.

Melissa Annette LeShore, aka Melissa A. Trimm, Melissa A. Hurd, Chapter 13, assets: $4,380; liabilities: $67,003.

Anthony Ryan Mahoney and Ashley Marie Mahoney, aka Ashley Marie Nemechek, Ashley Marie Nusser, Chapter 13, assets: $50,630; liabilities: $187,930.

Frank (NMI) Ortiz and Erica Ruth Ortiz, assets: $82,173; liabilities: $204,144.


Robin Eric Wiebe and andrea Louis Wiebe, aka Andrea Louise Bough, Andrea Louise Tracy, assets: $16,039; liabilities: $76,943.


Tabatha Dawn Mitchell, assets: $39,806; liabilities: 442,465.


Steven Roy Pleasant, formerly dba Pleasant Acres, and Jessica Raylene Pleasant, formerly dba Lou's Loot, Chapter 13, assets: $317,647; liabilities: $550,518. 


Neil Allen Brewer and Connie Marie Brewer, aka Connie Marie Vassar, Connie Marie Terry, Connie Marie McIntire, assets: $10,503; liabilities: $103,635.


Wayne A. Anderson, formerly dba DW Contracting, aka Wayne Roberts, and Rachel D. Anderson, aka Rachel D. Crews, Rachel D. Broadus, assets: $17,437; liabilities: $125,868.


Joshua Lloyd Duncan and Misha Lynette Duncan, aka Misha Lynette Allison, assets: $89,055; liabilities: $173,322.

Margaret Anne McGlachin, formerly dba McGlachin Realty, assets: $308,110; liabilities: $277,455.


Cody G. Woods and Kayla M. Woods, Chapter 13, assets: $57,570; liabilities: $70,526.


Benjamin E. Oak, dba Twin Fork Outfitters, estimated assets: $0 to $50,000; estimated liabilities: $50,001 to $100,000. 


Brian Lee McDonald and Chyanne Lynette McDonald, Chapter 13, assets: $112,924; liabilities: $222,621.

Everett Leon Myers, dba Myers Welding & Repair, and Shannon Dawn Myers, Chapter 13, assets: $44,457; liabilities: $51,649.


Chapter 7, liquidation, business or personal; Chapter 11, business reorganization; Chapter 12, farmer reorganization; Chapter 13, personal reorganization. Dba: doing business as; aka: also known as.