Since having to close its old location last summer, the National Depression Glass Association Museum has re-opened in a bigger, brighter building and has been attracting more foot traffic than before.

The NDGA has been open in its new location at 107 N. Washington Ave. since Nov. 1, but it’s grand reopening and ribbon cutting will be conducted at noon, Dec. 7. Guests will receive light refreshments and there will be a drawing for a tote bag with various gift items inside, Marlene Hanson, manager of the museum said.

The front facade of the museum collapsed in its old location at 117 S. Washington Ave. last July 26. At that time, NDGA President Pam Meyer said she did not know where or when the new museum would open, but that it would stay in Wellington.

The new NDGA museum is twice the size of the old facility with room for expansion. There are plans to build a library in the back where people can research such things as where the glass came from, the patterns and configurations of the glass and the companies and craftsmen who designed the pieces. 

NDGA management is also looking forward to having a media room from which glass video seminars will be given and there will be an expanded gift shop, Hanson said.

“It’s a better fit with more space to expand,” Hanson said. “We had no room to expand before.”

Moving the collection meant taking the glass pieces and glass shelves out and it was a lot of hard work.

“It was a team effort and we worked hard and we worked fast,” Hanson said. “We worked well together. I won’t take credit for anything because our volunteers were super.”

Pam Meyer, president of the NGDA, said she is looking forward to the grand opening.

“I’m looking forward to people seeing how big, bright and beautiful it looks compared to what it used to,” she said.