Press release

With 2020 approaching, Sumner Community Hospital feels it is important to keep the community advised of changes and growth and is excited to announce Phase 1 of future development.

Phase 1 includes conducting a feasibility study regarding building a new hospital and discussing land options for a build site. Another portion of Phase 1 is the closing of our residential care facility on the second floor of the hospital.

This has been a part of the plan of growth for SCH since being purchased by RHG Consolidated. The goal is to phase out the residential care portion of the hospital prior to moving to a new facility. While a difficult decision, the development and growth of other areas of the hospital make this a necessity.

SCH is also in the process of converting the Skilled Nursing Facility to Swing Bed status. This is simply a change in terminology that fulfills different facility requirements and will allow for better continuity of care and staffing management. SCH has recently received approval for Swing Bed status from the State and looks forward to starting the accreditation process with survey within the next 45 days.

SCH has also added Dr. Justin Morgan to the Sumner Primary Care clinic working towards the goal of five providers over the next 3 years in the practice. Currently, Sumner Primary Care has four providers: Dr. Justin Morgan, Dr. Tamara McCue, Christy Reser, APRN, and Kelsey Curry, APRN. SCH also changed the staffing of the Emergency Department and now has four nurse practitioners that rotate through the ED overseen by Dr. Yaghmai. This will help reduce costs of staffing with an agency as done in the past.

Sumner Community Hospital would like to thank the community for all of the support and understanding that has been provided during this transition. Change is not always easy, but necessary for growth. SCH will continue to keep you updated on changes and advancements and is looking forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have. Sumner Community Hospital – My Community, My Hospital, My Choice.