It has been a long eight years back at the Wellington Daily News with so many changes as is always done with a Corporate work place. I have decided to resign my position here in the office and take a few months to regroup and then look for another part time job. I love working so I don't want to give that up. Being 64 worried me a bit as to if the jobs would be available out there, but I got over that.

I have seen so many changes, with Editors coming and going, Sales Reps to many to count. I tried to do all I could for my home town paper wearing many hats here but with the new layout, new content and the paper not totally reflecting the news that mattered to the residents of Sumner County I could see I was losing the battle. The Editor you have now, Jeff Guy, is a good Editor but being a lone wolf is very hard in this business and I think he has done the paper justice and wish him all the luck in the future.

2020 should prove to be interesting for us all but I am going a different direction and Media will not be a part of it!

Thank You to the Sumner County Community and Merry Christmas