With COVID-19 limiting contact between teachers and students, the teachers of Lincoln Elementary, along with other staff members, drove by their students’ homes, allowing teachers and students to see each other in person again from a safe social distance.

The parade of cars drove by students’ homes during the afternoon last Thursday, April 2. Second grade teacher Jennifer Worley, who organized the drive, got the idea from watching a YouTube video of teachers in Frisco, Texas doing the same thing for their students.

“It was awesome,” Worley said of the event. “We loved seeing the kids and I know the kids loved seeing us.”

Colton Elmore, a fourth grader, said, “It was cool to see them drive by.”

His younger brother, Jackson Elmore, a kindergartener, said, “It made me feel good to see my teacher.”

Janean Torrez, a parent to two Lincoln students, said the parade was “the best thing ever. They shined some light on these kids during the dark time we’re all in. As for myself, it was a bit emotional, seeing the teachers taking time out of their day to drive around and say hello to the children. We love our Lincoln teachers and staff. They are making a difference in our children’s lives and I love it and am very thankful to them.”

Kris Hagans, Lincoln principal, said students get to see their teachers and each other every morning online via Google Meets.

“This learning is different from any learning we had before,” Hagans said. “I have an amazing staff who are rolling with the punches and doing everything they can to touch base with the students.”

Lincoln kindergarten teacher Cathy Shuck said the older kids from the school know what’s going on with COVID-19 and why they shouldn’t gather in physical groups, but “the little ones don’t understand.

“One of my boys invited me to come jump on his trampoline.”

Teachers and students will have to wait for the curve to flatten and for people to be safe in gathering again.

“Then we can go back to hugging and jumping on trampolines,” Shuck said.