LAWRENCE — For Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, former Kansas Poet Laureate, writing poetry is like walking. It is a part of who she is.

In her recently released collection, "How Time Moves: New and Selected Poems," Mirriam-Goldberg, uses time, along with the landscape, weather and native plants to paint images and tell stories. The collection of poetry is published by Meadowlark Books in Emporia.

This new release captures the seasons – of nature and of life. Mirriam-Goldberg was the Kansas Poet Laureate from 2009 to 2013 and is the author of two dozen titles.

"I’m very focused on place," said Mirriam-Goldberg, Ph.D., who resides in Kansas. "The earth, the sky and the ecological communities."

Originally from the east coast, Mirriam-Goldberg moved to Kansas and fell in love with the terrain – the open sky, colorful prairie and spirited winds.

In her poem, "Do You Know Where You Are From," after she walks you through rivers and by ghosts of ancestral land, she asks "Do you ask, each footstep a syllable, how to walk the right story home?"

For Mirriam-Goldberg, wrapped into every landscape is a kernel of wisdom or an insight into the future or past. This new book spans 30 years of her poetry, including pieces from six of her previous poetry books.

"I fell head over heels for Kansas," Mirriam-Goldberg said. "I loved the big sky, the constant changes of weather and the communities."

Through her poetry, Mirriam-Goldberg hopes to open other’s perceptions.

"As a poet, I find that reading and writing poetry opens my vision," she said. "One thing that occupies this book is new ways of seeing and being."

Through inspiration, Mirriam-Goldberg hopes to make the visible audible and the audible visible and, at the same time, inspire other’s to look below the surface into their imagination for inspiration.

"I love Kansas because our weather is part of our landscape," Mirriam-Goldberg said. "We have this outrageous and wild and surprising parade of endless acres of sky in every season."