How do you define “faith?”

Do you have faith in yourself to live a life that is purposeful, giving, humble and righteous?

Do you have faith in your family to be loyal, dependable, loving and supportive?

Do you have faith in God to care for you, protect you and love you unconditionally? The Bible is full of the word of God telling us He is faithful to us. But how faithful are we to Him?

Faith isn't something you can reach out and put your finger on. We can not buy it. We can not put it on a shelf in our living rooms. We can not wrap it in a box. We can not borrow it from someone else. We cannot cast our eyes upon it or literally measure it in yards or miles.

Faith is unique to each person. It is a feeling, deep in your soul. Faith is the comfort of knowing, trusting and being.

Faith is a confidence, knowing in our minds and in our hearts, without doubt or hesitation, that whatever we have faith in, it will be there for us.

Faith is a hope. Knowing no matter how hard things are at the moment, the best will come out of the hardship. We may never know the purpose of the trial, but we will go forth in hope and faith, looking for the lessons learned, and the joys yet to come.

Faith is an assurance. There is a peace and comfort in faith. Being sure of something, without fail. We can count on it, depend on it and stand firm on it, because it is assured to us.

Faith is loyal. Faith is always an option to us. Faith is always open to us. Faith is always within us. No one else has access to our own faith.

Faith is not based in proof. However, you can see the results of faith if you look for it. You can measure the evidence of the results of your faith. You can see the proof in your own actions. You can see the proof in the actions of others.

In Matthew 17:20, Jesus says “if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.

Faith is like electricity. You can not see it, but you can see the light. Let your light of faith shine bright. Tap into the power of faith.

— Linda Yearout, licensed clinical marriage and family therapist