Calling on politicians to act

I’m very upset, actually pretty mad. My hometown of El Paso was added to the long list of places where some idiot massacres innocent people. We moved to Hays 27 years ago from El Paso, where lived near the shopping center, frequenting it hundreds of times. My wife’s in tears, thinking the El Paso friends she cares for who could have been part of this tragedy.

I’m sick and tired of GOP legislators I have continually voted for not doing their duty to try and curb this atmosphere of racism and hatred that Trump has promoted in America. I’m a gun owner, upset that these gentlemen continually see fit to ignore, rationalize and defend anything to do with controlling assault weapons and their killing capacities. Instead, they toss out diversions, smoke screens and Second Amendment double talk as fast as they can — so they don’t jeopardize their dependence on NRA funding for the next election?

Let’s place the blame for today’s deaths where it belongs — at the doorsteps of every GOP politician who has placed partisan politics and fear of a “Trump tweet storm attack” above their sworn duty to the nation — and today, above the lives of innocent people. I’m disgusted with the entire lot

Tonight, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of today’s victims. I send out some different thoughts to those responsible for this evil act, including the individual who actually did the shooting.

Matt Turner, Hays