Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state

Hays Facebook page: Villa Motel transformed into apartments

Rusty Hockett: Glad to see the old place is being given a new lease on life.

Brina Robinson: I wish I had not moved I guess it would be perfect for me but I have a one year lease who knows maybe when college is out I would be able to snag one I remember when Lundy’s use to manage it I would go there as a kid


Hutchinson News Facebook page: Police raid business for prostitution

Matt Whiteford: I thought America was supposed to be the land of opportunity!

Jason Robertson: Her body, let her do what she wants with it.

Lucas Soltow: Legalize it. Tax the hell out of it. Pay off the deficit.


Salina Journal Facebook page: Gov. Kelly pushes for Medicaid expansion

Larry Caldwell: To improve the lives of Kansas why do you not come against the damage that many Kansans are doing things that lead do many medical conditions. You want more Medicaid expansion for the people of Kansas but why not concentrate on a healthier lifestyle for all Kansans the would lead to less need for medial care. Why is it more important to pay for cure that would not be required by providing for better prevention for the cause of the medical problem


Three members of Salina Fire Department to assist with hurricane efforts

Vickie Barnes: Please be careful and safe. May God be watching over all of you.


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook page: Jake LaTurner enters 2nd District race vs. Steve Watkins

Elke Dunlap: How hard will it be to challenge Watkins? Except his dad can outspent the opposition. Voter's need to remember Watkins is still clueless, how did he make it through the military academy? Is this the reason we are not talking about it.

John Hall: Does it seem the Republicans across the country are worried about the 2020 election? 5 GOP House members all from Texas have dropped out so far. 12 Republicans Nationwide have decided to "Retire" from the House.


Report: Kansas a leader in renewable energy

Jim Gorman: Where does the electricity come from when it is cloudy or during nighttime?


Pittsburg Morning Sun Facebook: Trash dumping a concern for wildlife area visitors, management

Sara Elizabeth Cooper: Why o why can’t people just quit treating our planet like a trash dump! I was visiting my Grandparents and they live by Lakeside park. I spent the entire day cleaning up trash, and some kids starting helping me. I was so happy to see the next time I came home the trash cans that had been setup. It only takes a few people that care to create a beautiful place to live. Stop throwing trash out the windows, clean up your yards and be a better human!

Danielle Dawn Calhoun: That is horrible. I take my kids fishing in that exact spot and a while back someone threw a refrigerator out there, tons of nails etc. So sad