Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Newton Kansan Facebook: Voters approve Sunday booze sales

Steven Killfoil: What it comes down to is this. You can remain dry while those tax dollars go to Sedwick county and believe me people are going to drink no matter what your opinions. Therefore you might as well take advantage of those tax dollars.

Stephanie Richmond: FINALLY!!!! If you want money to STAY in town or county, you need to adjust accordingly. Don't like it, then don't participate.

Susan Morgan: Don't call it booze. I voted against. However , it's available -- hopefully in moderation!

Dawn Unruh: People will buy anyway, either the day before or on Sunday. If they want it. If Newton doesn't sell on Sunday they will go out of town. Sunday sales will not cause more people to drink or become drunks or alcoholic.

Annessa Clark Russell: To me it’s less about the alcohol and more about keeping money in our community that was otherwise going elsewhere.

Tuesdays Ruby Cindy Mcanulty: Legalize marijuana


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: County OKs property tax exemption for soybean processing facility

Derek Powelson: Where's my property tax exemption? Oh that's right, I only live and work and spend all my money here. After they steal a bunch of it first.

Allen Borel: All my relatives were ecstatic when Fruit of the Loom built a plant in Louisiana (10 year tax exemption).... 10 years later... gone


Salina Journal Facebook: Conflict-of-interest questions swirl around Kansas GOP senator

Mary Callaway Vandenburg: How about just plain morally and ethically what does your conscience tell you???? OH YEAH forgot politician don't have a conscience!!!!

Kathy Parrish: REally? Members of the Legislature are exempted from conflicts of interest? Since when?

S.v. Berg: Meet Serco, the private firm getting $1.2 billion to process your Obamacare application.


Pelosi says impeachment rules no cause for glee

Richard Neuschafer: More than half of the American public supports this. Public opinion for the impeachments of Nixon and Clinton never reached 50%.

Mary Lister: So tired of the games played. Grow up, and do the job you were elected to do. You have done nothing but try and tarnish the President. Shame on you!

Poe Castillo: She doesn’t realize she’s the biggest joke in this governments history.

S.v. Berg: This is it people. If Trump goes down, we loose the Republic. We may still have elections, but you will no longer have a voice.

Niko Stavro: There are no impeachable offenses according to Trumplings, because Trumplings are authoritarians who believe unfettered, unaccountable executive power trumps the Constitution. Tell them the sky is blue. Tell them to look at it with their own eyes and see that it is blue. They will still contend it is orange, because the orange authoritarian proclaims it so. "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."