Here is a sampling of Facebook comments from across the state about our selections for Kansans of the Year and Distinguished Kansans:


Carla Dunigan: Congratulations. You are doing some amazing things to better the world.

Delbert Abbott: An amazing woman and role model for this generation. Much respect.

Gay Quisenberry: she should have been Kansan of the year, not Pompeo!!!!!



Delbert Abbott: Awesome woman and an example for every woman. Much respect.



Toni Perez: She is one of the best humans I know.

Tina Stegman Crispin: Very well deserved!!!

Larry Myers: That is great! No one more deserving.

Marsha Bagby: You are such a kind generous woman who has helped so many. Proud of you.

Lynda Grizzell: Such a beautiful lady inside and out. So deserving. Congratulations!



Rhonda Brin Stults: One of the best!!! Of course his wife is too!!!

Janet Slaton: Thank you for your service



Elly Ahlstedt Ostlind: Congratulations, Braxton Moral, on your accomplishments, and there is nothing to stop you - "the sky's the limit".

Kristina Crook: high five to this amazing kiddo!



Cheryl Haefele: Great job for Gary Woodland. I love watching him play.

Toni Wellshear: Native son deserves this award as he is a great Kansas booster around the world!

Ginny Campbell: This year has been extraordinary. May Gary continue to excel.

Ruth Mitchell: So proud of what he has accomplished and so proud of the man he has become!!!



Dawn Mogan: And he's a fool and a puppet who might go to prison for contempt of Congress!

Tamela Eaton: Trump 2020 proud of Mike being from here !!!

Javier Ortiz: Oh, really? Then, why doesn't he act honorably and either testify or provide evidence that exonerates his friend, Trump?

Ronald W Ryckman: Great man, always hard to pick one

Mary Sparks: Wow-Kansan of the year? That doesn’t say much for our state

Andrea Pfeifer: Wow, I am shocked Topeka Capital Journal. What a terrible choice.

Clara Darlene Handlin: I'm not voting for him for US Senator from Kansas.

Dan Peterson: Hope he can stay out of prison and make Kansas proud.

Ann Duffy: How sad for the brilliant Kansans chosen before him. Sure cheapens their honor.

TJ Brown: If the primary criteria for your selection of Mike Pompeo as Kansan of the Year was aiding and abetting the subversion of our democracy, purposefully causing damage to a free and fair presidential election and multiple willful violations of the United States Constitution than all I can say is, GREAT CHOICE!

Becky Tipton: He’s another gas-lighting specialist. Keep lying until people think it’s the truth. Such a slap in the face for Kansans who thought the award meant something.

Ruben Flores: The motto of the US Military Academy where Pompeo went to college is "Duty. Honor. Country." Pompeo's private motto is "Lies. Hubris. Me." What an absurd selection you have made.