Our world is dying. We cannot keep denying that. Scientists at the National Centre for Climate Restoration give us 30 years before our society crumbles before our very eyes. There is no debate that the earth is warming, oceans are rising and animals are going extinct.

Whether humans make climate change worse, you can keep denying that, fine, but the least you can do is still fight to give me a future. You can still fight to give your children and grandchildren a future. Our future is impossible in the current state. However, the Green New Deal gives us hope. It gives us a fight that we can win.

Reducing our emissions is essential to our earth’s survival. Reducing our reliance on gas-powered cars is a necessity. And we must shy away from all fossil fuels/unrenewable resources. Wind, solar and nuclear power are a must to make our lifestyle sustainable. Humanities’ concept of endless growth is causing our destruction. If we want to avoid that, if we want to ensure our survival, we MUST take drastic measures to protect our environment. If not, we face certain destruction.

This is no longer a partisan issue. This is a human issue. I call on all politicians, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and all others: Protect our future. It’s time to prove to us students that you are truly pro-life, protect our lives, too.

Kian Williams, president of the Reno County Young Democrats