I follow all the discussions on abortion, both federal and state, and don’t see why government or even anyone else should get involved with what any person, male or female, does with their body.

Do they not realize there have always been and always will be abortions, so why not have them safe? It is always women who get pushed back and told what to do. Maybe you should try to find something equally as stupid for men.

Or why don’t those who want to pass laws against/want-to-control women agree that if the woman does not abort, they will agree to adopt and raise the child they are so concerned about. They certainly are not stepping out to help in constructive ways. Benefits are cut and families that probably would have made it are split because of the weight of another child.

No, I do not believe in using abortion instead of birth control, but even the best of birth control can fail.

I do often wonder what many of these very pious people would do if it was them or their daughter who was pregnant.

I promise I will never tell anyone they can’t have an abortion and feel no one should be told they have to carry a pregnancy they don’t want and can’t afford. How many marriages break up for the pressure of finances they can’t handle or just the mental pressure of another child?

Frances Bargas, Topeka