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Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Today's topic: Senate votes to limit Gov. Kelly

Ottawa Herald Facebook:

Kathryn Webb Peterson: Republicans stop arguing and do what is overall best for the state! Hmmmm....that IS what the Govenor is doing!!!

Betty Ennis Teter: Sen. Caryn Tyson, R-Parker, convinced a majority in the Senate to amend the measure to keep the governor from raiding city and county government accounts, forbid seizure of private property, block orders to move livestock and people, and prohibit movement of alcoholic beverages during the crisis.

Butler County Times Gazette:

Ronni Wright: I am glad the republicans shut her down a bit. She is overstepping our freedoms. It is NOT her job to confiscate private property or ammunition!!


Dorothy Adams Keith: Why are republicans killing us ? Gov Kelly is trying to help the people of Kansas.

Linsey Yrjanainen: At every turn republicans are letting their constituents down.

Wellington Daily News Facebook:

Cindi Gifford: Thank you Senators of Kansas!!

Sheryl Rorabaugh: winers, keep trying and say byebye come November

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook:

Barbara Wright: We are at war here with an invisible enemy - the virus. So many lives are at stake here. This is bigger than the political front. Stay home and pray they get a vaccine developed quickly.

Debbie Swenson Davis: The President ordered a ceasing of evictions and foreclosures the Governor was just ahead of the curve on this. Legislators need to get over themselves and realize they serve at our pleasure And helping Kansans should be what they do! Work with the Governor not against her.

Frank D. Taff: Republicans not gonna help her regardless of what she tries to do. They see this is as their opportunity to bring her down.

Penny Holloman: Can someone please show me where Gov. Kelly said she was going to take our guns? Personally don't want to see people thrown out into the street thru no fault of there own.

Debbie Durham: "Senate Republicans argued the Democratic governor was unilaterally wading into areas that could infringe on individual freedom and undermine the free-market economy." ...get off your butts and do some work. Help the governor, not hinder her, you fools

Gerald Keehn (Debbie Durham): help the governor? She is acting like a dictator not and elected governor.

Salina Journal Facebook:

Susan Harvey Hammond: Would they have done that if Brownback had been the one to impose restrictions? I doubt it.

Carmen Flax: She's power hungry and a scary governor. I knew it when she won. Keep watching what she tries to do.

Susan Walker: Shes doing a great job. Saves lifes.