I am fed up with Susan Wagle’s obsession with trouncing on a woman’s right to choose. Everything she does it tied to this obsession. That’s not legislating. That is holding office to promote your own agenda.

She says she is pro-life but is perfectly willing to risk people lives to worship in a building. She also has no problem blocking the expansion of Medicaid because of her obsession. This risks children’s, the poor and the elderly lives. Some are saying that states who failed to expand Medicaid, may suffer more during this pandemic.

Next to Kris Kobach, this Brownback minion, is quickly becoming the most danger and partisan “politician” in our state. If Sam Brownback had done what Laura Kelly has done to protect the citizens of our state, she would have been all in and had nothing but praise for him.

This virus is not about parties, it’s about people’s lives. Susan needs to just step back and let Laura Kelly continue to protect our state and clean up Sam’s experimental mess.

Considering the failure of the “leader” of our country, we should be very thankful Gov. Kelly caring about the lives of our citizen and being one of the first to try and stop the spread of COVID 19 in Kansas.

I for one say “Thank you very much, Gov. Kelly” for stepping up when others failed to.

Sandra Burton, Frankfort