Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Pratt Tribune Facebook: Wagle unveils plan to reopen businesses

Michelle Cason: People need to leave her alone she's just doing what she's told by the president of the United States

Mandy Franklin Frisbie: Perhaps she needs to think for herself or listen to her constituents instead.

Genile Allton Rawson (Mandy Franklin Frisbie): but, if she did that and it started spiking up again you'd say " Why didnt she do what he asked?"

Bartra Stafford: she won't get my vote

Salina Journal Facebook: State's oil industry on life support

Crickett Hoffman: Open too fast and you will be in even worse trouble. All it takes is one person to drive back from Detroit to infect the state.

Emile Gallant (Crickett Hoffman): or one person to fly in from anywhere else in the world 6 months from now or a year from now some small group in xyz still has it and brings it back. Kind of hard to say we can wait it out when you have to wait on the whole world.

Laura Alexander: I understand the US government is going to bail you out. NOthing for hospitals, nothing for those who need food or income, but lots of money for the oil producers.

Rick Vignery: The whole state is going to be on life support before long. Time to open up.

Leavenworth Times Facebook: 'This is Lansing' -- As virus spreads in prison, families fear death sentence

Nancy J. Thompson: Tough to face consequences from bad choices

Heather Bennett: Thank you for reporting something like this! These are human beings, not animals. Release everyone who is in there for a victimless crime and stop putting them in there in the first place.

Leann Bailes: I’m more concerned about our school children’s safety. I hope they aren’t thinking about reopening schools for awhile. Convicts are grown & prison isn’t a cake walk.

Jessica H Brushwood: Sorry, not sorry, worried more for the correction officers.

Laura Sue Reynolds: Y’all if you can’t do the time don’t the crime. You were put there because you were convicted of a crime so put your big pants and deal with it

Pittsburg Morning Sun Facebook: Gov. Kelly says more tests needed before state can reopen

Emery Davis: Absolutely not, open it up. Everyone is over it and going back to their normal life whether she likes it or not

Jones Jenny (Emery Davis): over it huh? Wanna tell all the people who tested positive yesterday that?! Smh.....sad sad sad when a dollar is more of value than life.

April Braun: If you want to stay in your house with a mask and gloves on so be it. But you can't make other people do what you deem right. If your in your house you won't get the virus. This is the first time ever they lock down the healthy people. Weird

Katie Barnett: I hope that if we open back up, we do it slowly and take all the precautions we can. I’m perfectly fine with things not immediately opening back up, but I know a lot of people need income.