Wellington departments and organizations have made requests for the 2022 Budget Work Session

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Cloudy day in Downtown Wellington

WELLINGTON, Kansas - Many departments and organizations have made their request for Wellington's 2022 Budget and it will be discussed at the Work Session at City Hall on Monday, June 7th.

On May 10, 2021, the City of Wellington received noticed that Carolyn Kelley would resign from the Library Board. Public notice of a 15-day application period was given and there are two applications for the position - Victoria Barton and Betty Patrick.

The City Manager Shane J. Shield would like to have the following items discussed for the 2022 budget preparation process: Contribution Funding and Appropriated Funding, memorandum from specific departments regarding staff increases and/or wage increases.

Also, the Capital Expenditures 2022 List that includes all capital expenditure requests submitted for the 2022 budget year, the Capital Projects-Items five-year CIP and CO, then the Capital Projects-Items Individual Request and Levy History.

The Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB would like to receive a total of $35,000. The funding would be used for the Tourism Grants for non-profit organizations and events, CVB staffing and salary, Kansas Wheat Festival promotions, and community advertising and promotion. 

Chisolm Trail Museum has requested $7,500 for 2022 to keep the 105-year old facility maintained and operating. Crime Stoppers is asking Wellington to donate $1,000 towards the operation budget.

Futures Unlimited is requesting $!2,500 in city funding for 2022 to be applied toward the operations of Wellington Area Local Transit. Economic Development has requested the same amount of funding they received in 2021 of $42,000.

The Sumner County Historical and Genealogical Society has requested $5,000 to help expand services and resources sponsor more city and county activities, and host more events.

The Wellington Senior Center is requesting $11,500 to help pay for the day-to-day operations such as utilities, insurance, minor and major repairs. 

Wellington Public Library is requesting the full mill levy limit of 5.000 for library operations for the coming year. The mill levy funding levels are determined and the library cannot prepare an accurate 2022 income/expense until they have a better sense of the income amount that will be generated by the 5 mill limit.

The Wellington Fire/EMS Departments has asked for one part-time EMT and one paramedic staff the department 365 days a year from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. The Fire/EMS Department believes it would take eight part-time staffers to fill that slot each day.

Eight part-time individuals would be $12,500 and the wages for one year for two part-time staffers would be $84,680. Another option would be one part-time staffer at a startup cost of $6,124 and wages of $42,340.

The Police Department is requesting to increase the staffing level by one certified position in order to provide a daily police presence for the Wellington Lake Recreational area. Also, the position could serve as a liaison to Wellington Municipal Court.

The water distribution staff is asking for an additional staff member that would allow the crew of three to focus on larger tasks. Then a crew of two can change water meters, answer service calls, underground utility locating and taking care of water samples.

Water production is requesting another employee. The new hire would be brought in as a maintenance worker only working primarily Monday through Friday. The plant currently;y has three workers and a supervisor.

The 2022 Budget Work Session beings at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, June 7th at City Hall.