Two families found the 2021 Kansas Wheat Festival medallion in downtown Wellington

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Winners of the 2021 Kansas Wheat Festival Medallion Hunt from left to right: Eli Eldridge, Nicole Eldridge, Jasmine Harmon and Hunter Harmon.

It took three days but the 2021 Kansas Wheat Festival Medallion has been found. Sumner News Cow announced that Wellington resident Jasmine Harmon found the medallion on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.

The medallion was located on Washington Street at 112 E. Lincoln Ave. in a building gap between a vacant red building west of Hummingbird Printing and a downtown building. 

Harmon was joined by her son, Hunter, then Nicole Eldridge and her son, Eli. The four got together on Wednesday and used the clues to look around downtown Wellington. 

  • Monday: "Cheers to the 150 for Wellington, 121 for the Wheat Festival, and 35 for the Medallion Hunt!"
  • Tuesday:  "Wellington, where it all began."
  • Wednesday: "Pool your resources."

The Thursday clue was "Two from the town of bribes" but it wasn't needed.

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Harmon said she will be splitting the with Eldridge. Both of them don't know what they will do with the winning money. They will get a winning presentation on Wednesday during the Picnic in the Park at the Kansas Wheat Festival.