Dangerous heat and severe storms predicted for Sumner County on Friday and Saturday

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News

Since the start of the week, there has been beautiful weather in the Sumner County area. However, the next two days will bring some heat and possible storms. 

On Friday, the heat will bake the region with temperatures creeping towards 100. Then, on Saturday, Sumner County could see the possibility of severe storms. 

The storms from Saturday should also cool down the temperatures heading into the new week.

The local storm fuel is expected to be much more potent, that the county earned a “Marginal” threat assignment from the Storm Prediction Center.

National Weather Service dangerous heat index for Kansas

In addition to some heavy rainfall, forecasters predict that Sumner County could see damaging wind and hail, as well as a brief tornado threat. The tornado threat could be higher towards the Kansas/Oklahoma border.

Currently, the best moisture/storm chances are parked in the middle of Saturday afternoon, but activity could continue into the evening hours.

There is a bit of an issue with Friday's forecast. Severe weather is predicted for northern Kansas during the night and meteorologists aren't entirely sure how it will play out.

Depending on where that Friday night storm develops and moves, the weather on Saturday could be more severe. 

National Weather Service Severe Strom possibility for Kansas

For more information on the weather this weekend, follow the National Weather Service or Greg Williams on Twitter. Updates will be made on the Wellington Daily News website when and if the storm develops.