Mies Constructions begins Water Transmission Line Replacement Project in Wellington on Thursday

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Downtown Wellington on N. Washington Ave.

The Water Transmission Line Replacement Project will begin Thursday, July 22, on North B & North C Street from 16th to 21st sStreets, weather permitting.

Installation of new water transmission lines in the areas will be done by MiesConstruction, the City’s contractor.

There will be excavation around existing meter cans, as well as in some cases, additional excavation of existing utilities for the new main installation. All work will be installed within the road right of ways and easements.

Do not park vehicles along the street in the immediate construction area during daylight hours. The construction of this project will be in the front yards, crossing driveways with equipment in the road.

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During construction, Mies Construction will work to limit and reduce any disruption to

homeowners in the area. If there are closures that affect access to the property or if at any time it is necessary to shut the water off, every attempt will be made to give prior notification.

The project will be done as expeditiously as possible to lessen inconvenience to the public.