Owners have until Aug. 27 to collect remaining Wellington Time Capsule items

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Wellington Centennial Time Capsule Opening

After revealing what was inside the 1971 Time Capsule in Wellington, Sumner County has made the following items available for pick-up.

Sumner County Courthouse will hold these items until August 27. If these people are unavailable to pick their items up, Sumner County can mail certain items if necessary. You would have to call them at 620-326-3395.

Please review the list below to see what is remaining to be collected.

  1. Brown, Robyn & Roger Brown
  2. Clark, William Ted
  3. Creed, Patsy (Family of)
  4. Dowd, Norman/Deedra Dowd
  5. Duran, Virginia Diane Gregory
  6. Elks Lodge
  7.  Feaster, Mrs. J.P. Feaster
  8. Feaster, Stephen & Phillip Feaster
  9.  Feaster, Stephen 7 Phillip
  10.  Foulks Family
  11.  Gift, Tammy & Eugene
  12.  Glaser, Jon A.
  13.  Grandchildren of Gerald Rogers
  14.  Hepler, Helen Louise (Smith)
  15.  Hill, Christopher Richard
  16.  Hollis, Kris Allan
  17.  Howdson, Merle (Family)
  18.  Immanuel Baptist Church
  19.  Nettleton, Pastor Norman
  20.  Packard, Bryan (Family)
  21.  Quinn, Stephen Knowles
  22.  Randle, Blake or Jaden
  23.  Riecker, Joyce
  24.  Rogers Grandchildren, Mrs. F.M. Rogers
  25.  Schiller, Adriann (Kelly) Family
  26.  Stewart, John T. III (Family)
  27.  Totten, Melvin & Betty
  28.  Totten, Shari Diane
  29.  Turner, Vergel & Bonnie (Family)
  30.  Watts, Jon & James
  31.  Wortley, LeeAnn
  32.  Wright, Elizabeth & Timberlyn
  33.  Wright, L. Richard

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