Two tornado sirens in Wellington will receive repairs after failing weekly test

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Tornado Siren in Kansas

Two of Wellington's eight Outdoor Warning System or tornado sirens did not sound in the weekly test conducted on Monday.

The siren located at Hillside Avenue and Industrial Drive and the siren located at the Wellington Municipal Airport did not sound. Both have been checked by Electric Distribution Department staff and parts have been ordered for the necessary repairs.

Repairs will be made as soon as possible.

"We are not sure when parts will be available for repair, so we can't provide an estimate on when this will be repaired," said Wellington City Manager Shane Shield. "With supply chains and timelines impacted by the pandemic, we don't have a definite timeline of when parts will be received."

Outdoor warning sirens are only designed to be heard by those who are outside to alert them that something dangerous is approaching.

Outdoor warning sirens are a valuable tool in helping to keep the public safe, but they should not be the only way that you get warned about dangerous weather.

If severe weather is forecast, people should remain alert and listen to a media source that has severe weather coverage or listen to an NOAA weather radio to stay informed.

If people have a smartphone, there are several apps available that provide you the ability to receive weather warnings/alerts to your phone when issued by the National Weather Service.