Wellington hopes to resolve the utility bills issue with assistance from a former meter reader

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Wellington water tower

After residents have expressed their frustration towards their utility bills, the City of Wellington is making a stride to get them back on the normal timeframe. 

Wellington has announced that the two newly hired meter readers are quickly learning their routes, and starting on Friday, they will have a former meter reader assist in getting them caught up.

The readers will be gathering readings from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. each weekday. 

Those who haven't received their utility bills have been waiting for over a month. The city realizes this is later than usual, but they are working hard to resolve the problem.

Those who are expecting a delayed utility bill should also expect the bill to be more expensive compared to their bills with a normal timeframe.

For example; If a resident receives their bill after 45 days, they will be paying the normal timeframe (30 days) plus the 15 days it was late.

Update as of Sept. 20: Wellington City Manager Shane Shields responded to the Wellington Daily News on figuring out if the remaining 15/16 days be a separate bill or added to the next month.

City staff is working to return both of our two billing cycles to the typical 30-day period. Returning to a 30-day billing period is the goal. We will also work to return to the typical dates of statements being sent out, around the 1st and the 15th of each month.  As we work to achieve that, billing period days will reduce, but may not occur all in a single month or billing period.

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