Sumner County Commissioners place question of authorizing Sales Tax Extension on Nov. 2 ballot

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Decorative Wellington sign on N. Washington Ave.

WELLINGTON, KS -- The Board of County Commission has placed the question of authorizing extending the current one half cent (1/2) sales tax for an additional ten (10) years on the November 2 ballot.

This is not a new tax, simply a renewal of the existing sales tax.

The countywide retailers sales tax for the purpose of financing the provision of health care services to include but not limited to emergency medical services (EMS), local health department and mental health was originally approved by voters in 2010.

This would be a continuous source of revenue for services provided within Sumner County. If not for the revenue generated from sales tax, the County would access a mill levy to property owners. Anticipated revenue for 2021 is $1,530,773.

Using retailer’s sales tax allows all consumers to pay for these services. This would include those that travel into and through our county, including the Belle Plaine service area on the Kansas Turnpike.

Sumner Hospital District No. 1, in Caldwell, has a tax levy accessed to property owners in Morris, Chikaskia, Downs, Bluff, Caldwell and Falls Townships, which provides revenues. Funding is also not provided to Ascension Via Christi, as they are a private company provided services within the former Sumner Regional Medical Center.

The total sales tax rate in any given location can be broken down into state, county, city, and special district rates. Kansas has a 6.5% sales tax and Sumner County collects an additional 1%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Sumner County is 7.5% (not including any city or special district taxes).

This table shows the total sales tax rates for all cities and towns in Sumner County, including all local taxes.

Greg Williams has been the reporter for the Wellington Daily News and Butler County Times-Gazette since May 2021. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @GregWilliams28.