Here are the unofficial results from the 2021 city/school election in Sumner County

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
"I Voted" stickers await voters to cast their ballots on Election Day Nov. 2, 2021.

Here are the unofficial tallies from election day in Sumner County. The tallies will be updated throughout the days until they are finalized by Nov. 8th. 


City Mayor

Winner: Rick Dolley

City Council

Winners: Scott Jones, Terina McCurley

District 1 Position 4 USD 359

Winner: Sarah J. Vineyard

District 2 Position 5 USD 359

Winner: TBA

District 3 Position 6 USD 359

Winner: Scott Jones

Arkansas City 

At-Large USD 470

Winner: Lori Barnes, Rhoda MacLaughlin-Ramirez, Bob Squires

Belle Plaine

City Council

Winners: Phila Storts, Allen Hisken, Bryan Nolan

At-Large USD 357

Winner: Jeremy Henry, Sally Cox, Bill Berry

2-year term USD 357


Commissioner of Finance

Winner: Jill Kuehny

Commissioner Strs Utilities

Winner: Lesly D. Blosser

At-Large USD 360

Winner: Christopher Baker, Amy L. Futhey, Michelle Lynn Nulik

Conway Springs


Winner: Daryle Smith

City Council

Winner: Theresa K. Lange, Sarah Mercer

District 1 Position 4 USD 356

Winner: Brad Framer

District 2 Position 5 USD 356

Winner: Aaron Lange

District 3 Position 6 USD 356

Winner: Curtis Winter


Drainage District Cowskin

Winner: TBA

Geuda Springs


Winner: TBA

City Council

Winners: TBA



Winner: TBA

City Council

Winners: TBA



Winner: Larry Ford

City Council

Winners: Cohl J. Davis, Kelly Ford, Cheryl Heimer, Jeff Mortimer, Steven Metzen



Winners: TBA

City Council

Winners: TBA



Winner: David Olmsted

City Council

Winners: Richard Bain, Douglas Elliott

District 2 Position 5 USD 358

Winner: Nicholas Ruyle

District 3 Position 6 USD 358

Winner: TBA

South Haven


Winner: Michael Harding

City Council

Winner: Shala Crenshaw, David L. Kuchar, Colby L. Theurer

At-Large USD 509

Winner: Steve Nicholson, Bryan Smith, Seth Brown

Question South Haven

Winner: YES


Position 4 USD 463

Winner: Shonda Green

Position 5 USD 463

Winner: Scott A. Eilers

Position 6 USD 463

Winner: Megan Clasen


City Council

Winners: Kevin Dodds, Rick Roitman, Joseph M. Soria

District 1 Position 4 USD 353

Winner: Andrea Kreifels

District 2 Position 5 USD 353

Winner: Brandon Earl

District 3 Position 6 USD 353

Winner: Jason L. Newberry

Special Question USD 353 - Information can be found on the USD 353 website.

Winner: YES

Sumner County Sales Tax - Information can be found in the Wellington Daily News.

Winner: YES

Greg Williams has been the reporter for the Wellington Daily News and Butler County Times-Gazette since May 2021. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @GregWilliams28.