Registering to vote in primary

Jeff Guy

There is a short window of time to register to vote in the Republican primary election, to be held in August. Since the vast number of Republicans are running unopposed in the November general election, the winner is really decided on the Aug. 4 Republican primary.

Tuesday, July 14, is the last day to register to vote in the primary. This can be done at the Kansas secretary of state’s link at: Democrats and Independents cannot vote in the Republican primary, but a person could change his, or her, party affiliation to Republican by July 14 just to be eligible to vote in the primary, then change it back after the Aug. 4 primary.

The two most hotly contested races are the election for sheriff, with Sumner County Sheriff Darren Chambers running for re-election against Jason Boyd, and the election for District 2 county commissioner with incumbent Jim Newell running against Shelley Hansel.

“The country is going the way it is because people aren’t registered to vote,” Hansel said. “Politics are more divisive than ever before.

“So many people don’t take time to register to vote, but they’re the first ones to complain that their rights are violated. I’m a huge advocate for voting. It’s one time your opinion really counts.”

Wellington financial advisor J.P. Buellesfeld emailed Sumner County election information to the Wellington Daily News. According to the information:

If you divide the total Number of Registered Number of Republicans who actually vote in a Sumner county,ks County Republican Primary  vs. the total number of  people that were eligible to vote, It is about only 15% of the people eligible to vote in a Sumner County County commission Election. That ultimately decides the winner of that Sumner County Elective Office.

*Many Registered Republicans do not vote

* Fifty percent of all Sumner County,ks Residents who are eligible to vote, never vote in any primary or general election.

The Last democrat to be elected to a Sumner county,ks County Commission Office was on  November 2,2004. Buellesfeld said he believes Sumner County has had (28) elections for Sumner County Elected Positions since then.

The winners of all 28 elections are held by Registered Republicans over the past 16 years. This effectively means that all 28 Sumner County elections were decided by the first Tuesday in August of an even numbered years instead of the first Tuesday after the First Monday in November in Even Numbered years.

Hansel said voting is “such a simple task that so many Americans take for granted.

“We can’t disregard young people and they shouldn’t disregard themselves. Young people, I think, are wanting to be more involved and that’s one thing they can do to effect change in the community, state and country.”

Election Dates

Last day to Register (July 14th)

First day to  apply to vote by US Mail  (July 15th)

Last day to Apply to vote by US Mail (July 28th)

Last day to Mail in your ballot by US Mail (August 4th)

Early Voting in person at Sumner  County,ks county Clerk office (July 28,2020 ) to (August 3,2020)

Actual Election in person voting at Raymond Frye Complex (August 4,2020)