Wellington teen wins championship at ’iconic’ golf course

Jeff Guy
Deitrek Gill kisses the first place trophy he won at the World Teen Golf Championship. Photo by Carissa Gill

Deitrek Gill wanted the chance to play on the famous course number 2 at the prestigious Pinehurst Golf Course in North, Carolina. When he got his chance to play at Pinehurst, Gill just wanted to sneak into the Top 10, maybe the Top 15 or 20 of the World Teen Golf Championship.

"I was definitely not expecting to win this,” he said. “A lot of golfers are going to go D1 who are honestly, decently better than me.”

Gill, 16, would say the most exciting part was when he did win, but “I was just dumbfounded,” he said. He won first place in the world teen championship, at the Pinehurst golf course

“The most exciting thing was finding out I had the lead after two days,” he said. The competition was really tough. The kid who wound up finishing second pushed hard on my back. If he didn’t make birdie, he had a tapped-in par. It was definitely a pressure pack. There’s always pressure when you have the lead and you’re trying to hold on to it.”

There were around 124 golfers the first day of the tournament. Then it was cut to the top 74 who got to play Course 2.

“Pinehurst is probably the most iconic golf course in America,” Gill said. “There’s been a few major PGA events played there. Course number 2 is the famous one. We played no. 4 the first 2 days and number 4 the last day. The U.S. Open has been played there. There’s a really iconic put made by Payne Stewart. It’s a bucket list golf course.”

Gill had played at Pinehurst before, but this was his first opportunity to play Course 2.

“It was tough, especially having never seen the course before,” he said.

He recalled there were around 200 people watching at the last hole.

Gill is the son of state golf champion Chad Gill. His grandfather Steve Gill used to be the pro at the Wellington Golf Club and his great-grandfather, Jerry Gill, was pro before that.

“There’s a lot of golf history in my family,” he said. “It’s always been a big part of my life. I spend at least 80 percent of my time, if not more, out here (at the golf course) in the summer