Unofficial election results in

Jeff Guy
Darren Chambers


the most hotly contested race of the primary election, Darren Chambers won the Republican primary election for a third term as Sumner County Sheriff.

The unofficial results of the election show Chambers received 2,148 votes. His challenger, Jason Boyd, received 1,669 votes.

Final results won't be available until August 17th when the votes are canvassed. Write-ins and provisional ballots are not included in the unofficial votes.

On his Facebook page, Chambers thanked his supporters and posted, “I am humbled to serve as Sumner County Sheriff for another four years.”

“My first responsibility and first concern is always the citizens of Sumner County,” Chambers posted. “Covid-19 made things very different this year. We couldn’t hold the events we usually would and weren’t able to knock on doors either.

“I’m no career politician. Sheriff is the only office I’ve ever ran for. My campaign focused on telling people about my experience, leadership and commitment to serve Sumner County. We ran a clean campaign, focusing on what is important.”

On his Facebook page, Boyd for Sheriff, Boyd wrote, “There were many False claims made and misinformation spread, all with political motive. This never deems the best results. Myself and my team simply had a detailed plan of repair and restoration.. which will not go away. We thank everyone for the prayers and support to better this office and Sumner county.”

In the primary race for Sumner County Commissioner representing District 2, Jim Newell received 779 votes. His opponent, Shelley Hansel, received 498 votes.

Newell said in a phone interview, “It seems like anymore, these campaigns get down and dirty. This was clean on both sides. Shelley talked to me this morning and thanked me for running a clean campaign and I appreciated that.”

The public has been supportive of Newell in his 16 years serving with the commission, he said, adding, “I very much appreciate that.”

On her Facebook page, Hansel wrote, “Thank you for all the calls, texts and support today for the Primary election. I’m proud that I was able to give the citizens of District 2 a choice this election. Congratulations to Commissioner Jim Newell. He has given 16 years to this County and will now get to serve four more. #blessed”

There are no Democratic challengers so Newell and Chambers will hold on to their seats.

Jim Newell