Sherry’s Army helping with yard, household projects

Jeff Guy
Around 12 to 15 people volunteer with Sherry's Army, taking care of yard work and minor household repairs.

Sherry’s Army, a group of volunteers that have been together for at least 10 years, are still around, but with a shift in focus.

The group will be out in the community, Aug. 22, and will pick a weekend each month for as long as weather permits to help people. Instead of picking a neighborhood and hauling trash away as they did in the past, Sherry’s Army will concentrate on helping people in physical or financial need with minor yard and household projects. They will do things like paint trim, weed eat yards and haul off storm branches.

“We’re not going to add a brand new fence, but we’ll repair an existing fence,” said Kelly Hawley, who handles administrative matters for the group. “We won’t build a porch but we’ll put railings around a porch.”

Sherry Wiley started Sherry’s Army around 10 years ago, but in recent years has handed leadership responsibilities to Hawley. Wiley gave her blessing to Hawley changing the neighborhood initiative’s focus, Hawley said.

“We were getting disgruntled because at the end of the day when we were looking back, Wellington didn’t look any cleaner,” Hawley said.

Sherry’s Army is made up of around 12 to 15 volunteers, most of them over 50 - most of whom volunteer in other places within the community and they know people who need projects done, Hawley said.

“It’s needs based,” Hawley said. “It’s not limited to a certain age or demographic.”

The group also keeps the work they do for individual residents confidential. They would never take a picture of their work and publicize it without permission from the person living at the residence, Hawley said.

Sherry’s Army is a volunteer operation that accepts small donations. Anyone wishing to make a donation, who needs work done or knows somebody who does, and anyone who wants to volunteer can leave a message on the group’s Facebook page Or they can email Hawley at

“Everything’s between us,” Hawley said. “We are more than willing to help with no judgment.”