Lifesaving commendations awarded to emergency responders

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Wellington Daily News
From left to right,  EMT Tyler Weiss, Paramedic Mike Clark and Paramedic Rebekah Murray, and EMT-A Sam Pacino (not pictured) receive a commendation from Assistant Fire/EMS Chief Harold Parkey, and the Wellington City Council for excellence in care of a patient.

Members of the Wellington Fire/EMS department were recognized during this week’s Wellington City Council for their special efforts, under difficult circumstances, to resuscitate a person.

“Lifesaving commendations are not given for each time staff resuscitate a person but for calls that entail outstanding teamwork under difficult conditions,” Wellington Fire/EMS Chief Tim Hay said in an email. “Performing patient resuscitation efforts in a non-hospital setting is challenging and staff did an excellent job of patient care.”

Harold Parkey, Wellington assistant fire/ems chief, presented the commendation to the department’s A-shift, Sam Sam Pacino, Mike Clark, Rebekah Murray and Tyler Weiss.

At 1:12 p.m., July 9, the staff responded to a 18 year old male in cardiac arrest and began CPR.  The CPR machine would not function on the person because of their weight so manual CPR was initiated. Medications were given and the patient was intubated.

The patient regained a pulse and transport was begun to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.  During transport the patient was being ventilated by staff.  The patient once again went into cardiac arrest and CPR was started and medications given. The patient again regained a pulse.

Staff handed off the patient to Wesley staff. “Unfortunately the patient died a few days later,” Hay said.

During the presentation, Parkey said, “Hard work and training obviously paid off even though the outcome wasn’t what we desired for this patient.”

Mayor Jim Valentine said, “You people do an incredible job. You are extraordinary people to face these circumstances every day and I cannot be more proud of you for what you have done and what you will continue to do four our community. We need you desperately. Real heroes don’t wear capes. They wear badges. God bless you all.”

In other business:

The council approved the closing of Washington Avenue from Third to Eighth Street Oct. 1 at the request of Wellington High School Student Council for the homecoming parade.

The council approved the street closing request from the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce/Convention and Visitors Bureau for Seventh Street between Washington and Jefferson streets for the Fall Festival.

The council passed a resolution, finding a residence at 634 W. Third, owned by Clinton Sprague to be “unsafe and dangerous” and for the structure to be razed.

City Director of Public Works Jeremy Jones said the city has been dealing with the structure since 2016 when it had a different owner. The city had passed a resolution to condemn the structure in early 2018 when Sprague took over ownership and told the city he planned to make repairs to the residence.

“He’s not accepted certified mail, not attempted to make contact, not returned any calls,” Jones said.