Spirits always with us

Jeff Guy

n the spirit of the Halloween oriented movies, Jerry Fike has been showing at the Regent this month, he invited a paranormal investigator to the theater to tell stories and hear about the experiences of others and their interactions with ghosts.

Rick Warren, of Mulvane, who leads a paranormal investigative group called Spirit Quest, talked to a group of around 20 people, some drinking beer, at the Regent’s Boos and Brews event.

“There’s paranormal everywhere you go, in every store you go to,” Warren said. “There’s probably someone standing right here.”

Warren said the Chisholm Trail, which extends from Texas to Abilene, Kansas and passes through Wellington, is ripe with the spirits of cowboys, bandits and Indians.

“The paranormal is real. The paranormal is with us every day and a lot of times we don’t know it,” he said.

Sometimes a person will see or feel a presence. “That’s cool because you know you’re interacting with the paranormal world,” he said.

Warren said the positive aspect of the spirit world is interacting with dead relatives. The negative part is the demonic.

“That is as real as I’m standing here,” he said.

Warren cautioned against playing with Oija boards.

“Those are things you don’t want to play with because you’re summoning something from the spirit world and you don’t know what’s coming through,” he said.

Warren told a story of stopping at a Navajo reservation in Arizona and meeting a woman who introduced him to a shaman and they were doing conjuring and incantations. Warren realized they were summoning the dark side.

The woman was a bruja (Spanish word for witch). “To this day I’ve never met anyone with that kind of power, that kind of charisma to draw you in and I hope I never do,” he said.

He listened to other people’s stories. A woman in the audience talked about going with girlfriends at night to a cemetery in Riverdale. The land was originally dedicated to two girls who died in a campfire. They were all women in the group, but they heard a man’s voice say, “Yes, two girls.”

Warren said sometimes a spirit cannot be seen, but their image will appear in photos. Voices that normally speak at a frequency we can’t hear might come through on an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Spirits use electronic devices to contact people, he said.

“We are nothing but energy,” Warren said. “When we die, we go back to that world of energy.”