Minister connects consumers and producers

Alice Mannette
Cows from Basinger Land & Cattle, where they sell meat directly to the consumer, in Pretty Prairie, Kansas.

SCRANTON—When meat shortages from COVID-19 started, a minister in Scranton, Kansas took notice. He realized several members of his congregation were producers, and many more were consumers. So he went into action designing a website so consumers can buy directly from producers.

Three weeks ago, the site, KS Grown went live.

“I wanted the consumer to go in and put in their zip code and purchase direct from the farmer,” said the owner of the site, Scott Perkins, who by day is a pastor for a cowboy church in central Kansas. “I am trying to put Kansas consumers and producers together.”

Scott grew up on a small cattle ranch in Topeka. In addition to raising white-faced Hereford, the family raised peacocks.

“I want Kansas beef,” Scott said. “And I want people to buy Kansas beef.”

Scott also wants Kansans to purchase Kansas produce, dairy, lamb and pork. He created KS Grown so consumers and producers statewide can use the website to purchase local goods and advertise their farms.

“I want it to be easy to use, easy to navigate and easy for people to purchase whatever it is they’re looking for,” Scott said.

Scott also wants to help farmers out by letting them sell and buy animals, alfalfa and hay. Eventually, Scott wants to add an employment and education section to the site. But for now, KS Grown lets producers and consumers get together free of charge.

“It’s important for me to help the consumers and the producers get together,” Scott said. “I want them to get products for a better price and sell them for a better price.”