Letter to the editor: Pompeo has much to share at lecture

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Topeka Capital-Journal

Pompeo has much to share at lecture

I read The Topeka Capital Journal article: "Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returning to Kansas for Landon lecture" (Aug 7 issue). While I never voted for Mr. Pompeo while he was a U.S. congressman, I am very mindful that he holds the prestigious office of U.S. Secretary of State. That being said, I believe Pompeo is a good choice to give a "Landon Lecture." Mr. Pompeo has traveled the world extensively; plus he is in the presidential line-of-succession.

Having a Kansan as the incumbent secretary of state is a rare distinction. Students, professors, guests and online listeners are bound to learn a lot from Mr. Pompeo's Landon lecture on Sept. 6. We are living in a very unstable world geo-political climate. Pompeo is in a unique position to give KSU students and others a up close and personal look at the tightrope of the daily challenges he faces in the Trump administration.

James A. Marples, Esbon