Social media: What readers are saying

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Topeka Capital-Journal

Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

We looked at Facebook pages across the state to see what Kansans think about Gov. Kelly’s plan to delay reopening of schools.

Topeka Capital-Journal:

Portia Sager Maxon: Good call. Covid is still to high to open schools. Protect children and teachers

Joe Harrell: Governor Kelly is doing the job she was elected to do; make executive decisions that are in the best interest of the State of Kansas.

Paul Benner Sr: I guess masks dont work on teachers?

Steph Anie: Thank you Governor Kelly for protecting Kansas children and teachers! I hope people start listening to science so we can return to schools after labor day!

DavidMary Siemsen Kratzer: Politics at work. Our kids need the structure and education

Danielle Smith: Just until after labor day like it USED to be. Chill out geez. Thats when we used to go back to school.

Ottawa Herald:

Steve Schulte: They have had all this time since school was cancelled to get ready for the next school year. Guess they need someone to tell them what to do and can't think for themselves.

Kathy Huffman-Williams: She has not a clue.

Leisa Price: Smart lady!!!

Hutchinson News:

Joseph Crabbs: Is there going to be restitution for not having the school open. Less taxes. It's time we find out if they want to keep schools closed why should our taxes be adjusted accordingly.

Matticyn Beck-Klasen: if this is what’s needed to help schools open safely and effectively.. i’m all for it.

Malynda Williams: Half the parents aren’t sending their kids to school any way

Travis Letterman: When will I receive my property tax refund check?

Clara Kilbourn: How about allowing districts to name their own schedule?

Sara Crow: Y'all realize that 90% of a school's function will still take place with a school closed, right? Aside from busing, most functions of the school will still be in place. Teachers and administrators will still work, janitors will still clean, kitchens will still make lunches. The only thing this changes is WHERE education happens.

Garden City Telegram:

Linda Allen: Didn’t they have all summer to do this.? If you are in this position, it’s time to go to discovery k thru 12 and home school. And demand your money back.

Linda Skipton Martinez: Develop many alternatives and let the parents decide what is best for their child.

Ronda Oyler Penn: They have had since mid March!

Pittsburg Morning Sun:

Tammy Cochran: They have had several months to know what to do.These kids was pulled out of school early had to get on line to do there school work and alot of them had breakdowns.I feel sorry for these kids this virus isn't going away for along time and people is getting it but no symptoms let's get back to living let's have life back

Roberta Needles Williams: No problem doing online here!!!! I'm so thankful and relieved!!!!

Ken Snyder: It is for two weeks later, when we was Kids we always started after labor day.

MaryLee Peirce: Anyone want to wager that it will be delayed again? Anyone?

Newton Kansan:

Meagan Baldwin: And give communities time to take responsibility and do what they need to do to reduce cases so it's safe to open.

Bob Akers: She's a Democrat Hack.....All Political!

Steve Nelson: The legislature took that ability away from her, didn’t they?

Joanna Negrete: Thank you Governor Kelly