Letter to the editor: Disgust with Kansas’ congressional delegation

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

As this lame duck president drags his feet, refusing to concede the election and ignoring the righteous calls from President-Elect Biden to adhere to the norms of the office and begin a peaceful transition of power, I am disgusted by the lack of comment or action from our congressional delegation.

The smirking, condescending, snide Mike Pompeo is embarrassing enough to Kansas. It is simply unacceptable for our elected representatives and senators to shuffle their feet and keep their eyes cast down as Trump undermines a lawful election, tramples upon the rule of law, and throws endless Twitter-snits.

They stand by mutely — stooges bought and paid for by a corrupt administration — as that megalomaniacal, narcissistic man-baby drags our nation ever closer to authoritarianism. Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts have been around long enough to know better. This aberration is not only frightening, it is dangerous. Roberts, Moran, Roger Marshall, Ron Estes and Steve Watkins have chosen to align themselves with Trump’s complete ineptitude, disregard for public health and safety, lack of respect for norms and policies, inflammatory rhetoric and apparent desire for civil war.

This has little to do with party. It has everything to do with basic human decency and morality. Should our nation survive the next two months under Trump, do not forget that the inaction of these elected individuals should carry serious consequences. There’s not a single vertebra among them.

P.S., wear a freaking mask.

Patti Van Slyke, Topeka