Wellington defeated by Andale

Jeff Guy
Wellington Crusader Head Coach Zane Aguilar advises players, Berk Wright and Trace Rusk, on the sidelines.

It was a harsh defeat for the Wellington Crusaders by, probably, their fiercest competitors - Andale.

The final score was 63-7.

“Going into it, we knew that Andale was going to be really good,” Wellington head coach Zane Aguilar said after the game. “The coaches here, the community, just their whole environment in this town - they love their football and athletics.”

It was a long first half for Wellington. Four plays into the game, Andale scored a touchdown and conversion to make the score 8-0. Less than four minutes later, Andale, again, had possession and scored again, making it 16-0 with the clock at 5:36 in the first quarter.

Andale continued to score. With 9:22 left in the second quarter, Andale scored a 36-yard touchdown and conversion to make the score 45-0. Andale was up 53-0 when a field goal from the one-yard line put them ahead 55-0, which is where the score stood at halftime.

“We had times that we could’ve come in and made some plays,” Aguilar said. “Again, I haven’t put them in good enough scenarios in practice to make those plays. We were a couple of big blocks away from springing a guy. We were a couple of inches off from getting the ball to them, but at the end of the day, Andale had great plays. They did everything right. They’re very fast and physical and we’re not there yet.”

Andale scored one touchdown and conversion in the third quarter to make the score 63-0. Wellington’s Cope Henry scored the Crusader’s one touchdown and a PAT made the score 63-7.

“We were able to catch the ball,” Aguilar said. “We made a touchdown, we made a PAT, but again, at the end of the day, we have to improve every day and take what we learn at practice and bring it on Friday night.”

Aguilar did praise some of his young men for taking in the message of mental toughness that had been drilled into the team during practice that week.

“We had some guys who in the past tended to head south pretty quick when adversity strikes,” Aguilar said, adding that they stayed consistent Friday night. They continued to push forward, continued to play. I would say we made some strides there.”

Wellington is now at 0-3 for the season. The Crusaders face Labette County, also 0-3, in a home game Friday night. While the coming competition may not be as fierce, Aguilar is not expecting the ride to go smooth for the rest of the season.

“Everybody on our schedule is gonna be tough. Labette County is going to be a heck of a dogfight. I don’t think the rest of the people are going to be a cakewalk by any means,” he said.

Rushing: Well. Rusk – 4-(-10), Wright 7-(-9) Cullens 3-3. Total: 14-(-16). Andale: 47- 304.

Passing: Well. Wright: 11-19-129-0. Andale: 8-12-82-0.

Receiving: Well: Haskin-Ybarra 2-5, Henry 2-83, Bannister 6-32. J. Wright 1-9.