Wellington plays strong defense in 7-on-7 practice scrimmage against Belle Plaine and Mulvane

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Crusaders WR/QB/LB Malachi Rogers in Wellington's 7-on-7

Football season is approaching and Wellington got their first look at live-action in a 7-on-7 event at Sellers Park. The Crusaders invited Belle Plaine and Mulvane to participate in the practice.

Wellington is coming off three straight losing seasons and hopes to put an end to that this year. The last winning season for the Crusaders had was in 2018 when they went 8-3 and reached the third round in the KSHSAA Playoffs. 

At the beginning of the 7-on-7, Wellington started on defense while Belle Plaine and Mulvane rotated on offense. In the first play in the segment, the Crusaders forced an interception. Wellington forced many incompletions and gave up a few catches. They didn't allow a big play to happen. 

Once Wellington's defense came off the field, the Crusaders began to rotate their offense onto the field. The Crusaders moved the ball and found open targets. They took some shots into the endzone and came away with two touchdowns. 

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Crusaders linebacker knocking down Mulvane wide receiver after an incomplete pass

After all three teams completed their rotation, they shifted to game situations. The offense would start at their own 30-yard line and would have to go 70-yards to score. 

The Wellington defense went before their offense and it took one play for them to get off the field. Just like the segment before, the Crusaders forced another interception on the first play. The offense came onto the field but didn't get things going their way. 

On the first play, the Crusaders threw an incompletion after having plenty of time for the play to develop. However, since there's no pressure in a 7-on-7, they ruled it a sack. After losing five yards, Wellington threw another interception, then a two-yard completion. 

The defense returned to the field and kept playing well. They forced a three and out, and the offense came back onto the field. The offense did much better this time around as they had a five-play drive that resulted in a touchdown.

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Wellington cornerback cuts off Mulvane wide receiver for the interception

In their fourth appearance, the Wellington defense had their first hiccup of the day. On the first play of the new series, Belle Plaine threw a deep pass and it was caught for a touchdown. The offense returned to the field twice and moved the ball, but couldn't score a touchdown.

"I think we had a great day," said Wellington Crusader WR/QB/LB Malachi Rogers. "It was nice to have everyone going and making plays. I can't complain but we need to build off of what we did today."

The Wellington football schedule hasn't been released but they are getting ready for Sept. 3 as the Crusaders face Clearwater.