Week 2 Sumner County high school football predictions made by Greg Williams

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Sumner County Week 2 Football predictions made by Greg Williams

Each week, Wellington Daily News Reporter, Greg Williams, predicts the score of every game in the Sumner County area.

Overall: 4-1 (80%)

Last week: 4-1 (80%)

Wellington (0-0) vs. Collegiate-Wichita (1-0) - Game of the Week

Last matchup (2020): Collegiate 56, Wellington 3

Last week: Wellington - N/A   |   Collegiate 24, Mulvane 14

The Crusaders will play on Saturday, Sept. 11 at 5 p.m. instead of the usual Friday night slot. However, this will be Wellington's first game of the season, and will only have four practices under their belt due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Collegiate is one of the better teams in the state of Kansas but did struggle in their 24-14 win against Mulvane. This game should be close for a while, but Collegiate could start to pull away late in the game.

Prediction: Collegiate 38, Wellington 21

Argonia/Attica (1-0) @ Udall (0-1)

Last matchup (2020): Argonia/Attica 50, Udall 0

Last week: Argonia/Attica 36, Norwich 6   |   West Elk 48, Udall 0

The Titans only played two quarters in their season opener, but before they called the game due to the thunderstorms that rolled in, Argonia/Attica was already up 36-6 on Norwich. Udall is coming off a 48-0 loss to West Elk and going into a game against Argonia/Attica isn't going to be ideal for the Eagles. The Titans shut out the Eagles last year and could do it again this year.

Prediction: Argonia/Attica 56, Udall 0

Belle Plaine (0-1) @ Cheney (1-0)

Last matchup (2020): Cheney 54, Belle Plaine 7

Last week: Clearwater 48, Belle Plaine 0  |  Cheney 34, Kingman 14

Have to tip your cap to the Dragons, when their original game against Independent got canceled, they worked out a date with Clearwater, who suffered a canceled game due to Wellington's COVID outbreak. Unfortunately, Belle Plaine didn't do well in their home opener as Clearwater came in and delivered a 48-0 shutout. Cheney comes in ranked higher than Clearwater in the 3A division, so this could be another ugly game for Belle Plaine.

Prediction: Cheney 56, Belle Plaine 3

Caldwell (1-0) @ South Haven (0-1)

Last matchup (2020): Caldwell 64, South Haven 28

Last week: Caldwell 30, Oxford 0  |   Central 62, South Haven 28

Just like Argonia/Attica, Caldwell was on their way to a dominating game, but due to the weather, the final score was 30-0 with 6:36 left in the second quarter against Oxford. That wasn't the case for South Haven last week as they suffered a 62-22 loss to Central. The Blue Jays head to South Haven and should pull together another dominating performance, but this time against the Cardinals.

Prediction: Caldwell 52, South Haven 14

Conway Springs (0-1) vs. Remington (1-0)

Last matchup (2020): Conway Springs 44, Remington 20

Last week: Garden Plain 14, Conway 7  |  Remington 30, Douglass 28 (OT)

The Week 1 Sumner County Game of the Week between Conway Springs and Garden Plain was an exciting battle. The Cardinals beat the Owls last year 14-13, but this year in another close game, Conway Springs fell 14-7. Conway Springs will have their season opener against the Broncos, who are also coming off an exciting game. Remington defeated Douglass 30-28 in overtime. The Cardinals won with ease last year and should bounce back this week with no problem.

Prediction: Conway Springs 48, Remington 13

Oxford (0-1) vs. West Elk (1-0)

Last matchup (2020): West Elk 44, Oxford 36

Last week: Caldwell 30, Oxford 0   |   West Elk 48, Udall 0

Both teams are coming off shutout performances, however, it was a tale of two games with Oxford coming off a 30-0 loss to Caldwell and West Elk coming off a 48-0 win over Udall. Last year, it was a close matchup between the Wildcats and the Patriots, but this year, West Elk should have no problem handling Oxford.

Prediction: West Elk 52, Oxford 14