Week 3 Sumner County high school football predictions made by Greg Williams

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Sumner County Week 3 predictions made by Greg Williams

Each week, Wellington Daily News Reporter, Greg Williams, predicts the score of every game in the Sumner County area.

Overall: 10-1 (91%)

Last week: 6-0 (100%)

Wellington (0-1) vs. Andale (1-0)

Last matchup (2020):  Andale 63, Wellington 7

Last week: Collegiate 35, Wellington 13  |  Andale 32, Mulvane 6

The Crusaders finally had their first game of the season and they looked a bit rusty. That could have been due to the interrupted COVID-19 outbreak that forced Wellington to miss a week of practice, but they also played one of the best teams in the state. This week doesn't get easier as Wellington will host the No. 1 team in the state. Andale is a juggernaut in high school football, but if Wellington can limit the penalties and stop stalling in the red zone, they should make it a closer game. 

Prediction: Andale 55, Wellington 14

Argonia/Attica (2-0) @ Oxford (0-2)

Last matchup (2020): Argonia/Attica 62, Oxford 0

Last week: Argonia/Attica 48, Udall 0  | West Elk 46, Oxford 22

The Titans are off to another hot start as their averaging 42 points per game and giving up three points per game. This time last year they didn't give up any points, but it's still a tough accomplishment to achieve. Oxford put up points in their Week 2 loss to West Elk, but their offense has struggled to get anything going. The Wildcats are in for another rough game with how Argonia/Attica has been playing lately. 

Prediction: Argonia/Attica 56, Oxford 0

Belle Plaine (0-2) @ Trinity (0-2)

Last matchup (2020): Trinity 35, Belle Plaine 0

Last week: Cheney 66, Belle Plaine 0  |  Anthony-Harper-Chaparral 22, Trinity 14 

No matter what, someone is going to come out a winner this week. However, Belle Plaine is off to a horrendous start to the season. Not only have the Dragons been held scoreless through two weeks, but they are averaging -1.5 yards per game. Trinity is not off to a hot start either, but with facing one of the worst offenses and defenses in the area, the Celtics should get into the win column.

Prediction: Trinity 49, Belle Plaine 7

Caldwell (2-0) vs. Norwich (1-1)

Last matchup (2020): Caldwell 70, Norwich 24

Last week: Caldwell 72, South Haven 26  |   Norwich 26, South Barber 24

The Blue Jays have been the hottest team in Sumner County and they don't plan on cooling down anytime soon. Caldwell's Keiondre Smith has been stellar for the Blue Jays as he's totaled over 500 yards of total offense and 10 touchdowns. The defense has been holding up their end of the bargain as they've given up 13 points and 138 yards through two games.

Prediction: Caldwell 57, Norwich 33

Conway Springs (1-1) vs Elkhart (1-1) - Game of the Week

Last matchup (2020): Conway Springs 58, Elkhart 13

Last week: Conway Springs 40, Remington 28  | Elkhart 14, Syracuse 13

After starting the season 0-1, the Cardinals bounced back with a win over Remington. The offense relies on the running game as they have two rushers over 170 yards with two or more touchdowns in Bryaden Kunz and Izix Billups. Conway Springs' Derrick Smith is four yards shy of 100 yards. The issue so far from the Cardinals comes from their defense as they allow 300 yards per game, but only allows 21 points per game. 

Prediction: Conway Springs 41, Elkhart 27

South Haven (0-2) @ Kinsley (1-1)

Last matchup (2020): Kinsley 64, South Haven 32

Last week: Caldwell 72, South Haven 26  |  Wheatland-Grinnell 58, Kinsley 34

It's been a tough two weeks for the Cardinals as they faced two quality opponents to begin the season. Now, not facing a top team in their league, South Haven should have an entertaining game against Kinsley, but they need to take care of the football as they have nine turnovers through two games.

Prediction: Kinsley 41, South Haven 35

Greg Williams has been the reporter for the Wellington Daily News and Butler County Times-Gazette since May 2021. You can reach him at GWilliams@gannett.com or on Twitter at @GregWilliams28.