La Crosse advances to sectionals on a last-second touchdown to end Argonia/Attica's season

Greg Williams
Wellington Daily News
Argonia/Attica quarterback Xander Newberry

LA CROSSE, Kansas - Last year it was all Argonia/Attica in the regional round with the Titans 60-14 win over the Leopards. 

This year, it was a different story as late-game heroics from La Crosse gives a 58-56 edge over Argonia/Attica.

In the first quarter, it seemed like it was going to be like a repeat of last year's sectional matchup. Argonia/Attica got off to a 21-8 start in the first quarter and La Crosse had no answer for them.

A/A's Xander Newberry started the game off with a five-yard touchdown, then La Crosse's Colby Stull on the second play runs for 59-yards to get the Leopards on the board. 

Stull had 278 rushing yards on 27 attempts and five total touchdowns.

The Titans would answer with another Newberry rushing touchdown, then with a 36-yard passing touchdown from Newberry to Connor Harnden.

Newberry totaled 252 passing yards and three touchdowns, then 103 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

Stull would put an end to the Titans' 14-unanswered points with another long rushing touchdown. That didn't matter much to A/A as they responded with another passing touchdown from Newberry to Harnden to make it 26-14

Harnden was the leading receiver in the game with seven receptions, 135 yards, and two touchdowns.

The last Titans touchdown came with 49 seconds left in the first half and all A/A had to prevent a score from happening; however, it was easier said than done.

La Crosse's Caden Morgan found Colby Stull along the sidelines, and instead of running out of bounds, he cut inside, made he was back towards the sidelines, then got in for a touchdown while time expired. 

The Leopards made it a one-possession ball game and they were going to get the ball to start the second half, which gave them the opportunity to take the lead. 

La Crosse took advantage of the opportunity but didn't take the lead. They ended up scoring on a 50-yard run from Stull but failed on the two-point conversion.

Even though it was a close game, A/A would never give up the lead. When La Crosse tied the game, the Titans would take the lead right back. 

Unfortunately, the Leopards kept answering each of those scoring drives by A/A. It wasn't later in the fourth quarter that one of the teams finally broke through. 

A/A held a 48-46 lead after La Crosse failed on their two-point conversion, but the Leopards finally got a stop on the Titans' offense. They rolled with their momentum and ended their drive with a 28-yard touchdown from Caden Morgan to Devyn Braun.

The Leopards would take their first lead at 52-48 with 2:21 remaining in the game. 

The Titans scored right away, but it might have been too fast. got inside the red zone right away, and tried to eat up as much time as they can.

Eventually, they scored on an Adam Blanchat touchdown and took a 56-52 lead with 45 seconds left. 

La Crosse got the ball back and on the 2nd and 9, Morgan connected with gage Burk for 31 yards and it could the Leopards into Titans territory. Two plays later Morgan connected with Bruan for 18 yards and got inside the five-yard line.

There were five seconds left and the Leopards were out of timeouts. They had to go to the endzone, and if they want another shot, they had to go quick. 

Morgan took the snap, looked to his left, and found his target, Burk, who had tight coverage on him. The Titans' defensive back tries to get a hand on it, but he misses, and it lands in Burks's arm with one second left

The Leopards sidelined exploded and the Titans were stunned. A/A tried to pull off a miracle attempt with a couple of laterals, but they couldn't do it. 

A/A ends their season in disbelief as La Crosse advances to the sectional round to take on Hill City.

Greg Williams has been the reporter for the Wellington Daily News and Butler County Times-Gazette since May 2021. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @GregWilliams28.